2"x3-1/2" Porch Bracket Set - White

SKU: 50841

2"x3-1/2" one-piece Porch Brackets used to make two connections of either the 2"x3-1/2" Bottom Rail in T-Rail porch sections; or one connection of the 2"x3-1/2" bottom rail and one connection of the 2"x3-1/2" top rail in 2"x3-1/2" porch rail section applications to vinyl post sleeve and/or structural wall surface. Also called Straight Brackets and LevelBrackets. Sometimes referred to as Rail Connectors.

Packaged in sets of two containing...

(2) 2"x3-1/2" Brackets

(8) Stainless Steel self-drilling screws

(8) Vinyl screw hole Covers

(4) Stainless Steel "locking" screws w/ vinyl snap covers

(1) Installation Instructions

Two bracket sets are included with every Southern Vinyl 2"x3-1/2" Top Rail Porch Rail Kit. You may need to purchase these bracket sets if you are cutting a porch rail section in half to install each half at different locations. Also available in Almond.


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