T-Rail Field Cut Bracket - White

SKU: 49900

Bracket is cut "in the field" when installing your rail system. The bracket is 4-11/16" long, providing plenty of room to cut even the most unusual angle.  Rail should be inserted into bracket a minimum of 1".

Packaged as one including:

(1) T-Rail Field Cut Bracket

(4) 3" Stainless Steel Bracket Mounting Screws

(2) Stainless Steel Rail "Locking" Screws w/ vinyl snap covers

(6) Vinyl Screw Hole Covers

This bracket is ideal for cutting compound angles when your steps are wider at the bottom than the top and it is necessary to have the up-and-down angle for the slope of the steps and the side-to-side angle for the "flare" of the steps. Two of these brackets needed for the top rail on a T-Rail section. You may need to purchase 2"x3-1/2" Field Cut Brackets for the bottom rail of a T-Rail section (Part #72365). This bracket is sold as an additional item seperately from Southern Vinyl Railing Kits & may not be substituted for the bracket sets that are pre-packaged in the Railing Kits. Also available in Almond and 2"x3-1/2".


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